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SAVE YOU 5 DOLLARS of the storage cabinet , buy or not ? Office furniture material Analyze

Jul. 27, 2017

Do  you  really  realize  the  office  furniture material cold-rolled  steel  sheet . 

Now  will  introduce  them  to  you . 

Base on  the use  of  the  metal  will  totally  seperate into 4  kinds . 

  1.  cold-rolled steel sheet   2.  hot-rolled steel  sheet  3.  mid-sheet     4.  building  metal 

While  two  kinds  are  use  for  the  office  furniture manufacture  they  are  cold-rolled  steel sheet  and  hot-rolled steel sheet . 

Do  you  know  how  to  realize it ?  Which part  they  are  different ? 

What  about  the  price  of  them .

Why  we  use  cold-rolled  steel  at  office  furniture  manufacture . 

Here  will  show  you  answers . 

 1.  Hot -rolled  steel sheet  Advantage  and  Disadvantage 

Advantage :   can  be  welded at high temperature and pressure 

Disadvantage :  Hot cold-rolled steel  after  the  hot temperature  will  including  some clutter , appear stratification                                             (sandwich) phenomenon .  It  is  easy  sunken   when knock 

2. Cold-rolled  steel sheet   Advantage  and  Disadvantage 


The surface quality, appearance and dimension precision of the non-damaged coated cold-rolled steel plate are superior to the hot rolled plate

That's  why  choose  the  cold-rolled  steel  sheet  to  manufacture  the  office  furniture . 

Then  that  should  be  What  about  the  price  of  them .

Today's  new update  price  of  them  is  as  below : 

 Hot -rolled  steel sheet: 3830 RMB/ TON

Cold-rolled  steel sheet  :4250 RMB/ TON 

Is  that  possible  for  a  storage  cabinet  reduce  the  price  USD 5   from  a  factory ?

Pls  hold  and  consider  it . 

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